You may be asked for proof of qualified installation during any warranty claim, so make sure you keep the details of your installer & proof of installation by them i.e. receipt.

If LPG is to be used, then the LPG jets supplied in the packaging must be fitted by a Gas safe engineer with specific LPG qualification.

For details of your nearest approved Gas safe engineer, go to or call Gas safe on 0800 408 5500. Always look for the logo and check engineer’s correct & current accreditation. You are legally responsible for ensuring a safe gas installation.

For Cooker Hoods, as with most UK hoods, installations are made through the wall extraction.

It is important to check the correct working of the appliance before installation.

Electrical engineers with the correct accreditation must be used for any kitchen appliance installation in the UK.

Internal re-circulation requires filters available separately but the use of these appliances in re-circulation mode without charcoal filters invalidates the manufacturer’s warranty.

For Induction Hobs, there is a small commissioning procedure which must be adhered to. If this is not installed correctly then one or more induction zones may not operate on power up